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2 min readJun 6, 2024

A blessing to create a state of certainty amidst the uncertainty…

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Today I was listening to a talk by Peter Sage called 'Creating an Empowering Outlook on Life'. There was a section where he spoke about getting ourselves into an empowering state by creating a 'triad', thinking about and expanding on the physiology we would need, the self talk, the focus and beliefs to make a certain empowering state a reality of ourselves.

And he shared the triad he created for himself around certainty, precisely because there was a time in his life when he was facing a lot of uncertainty in business, and he wanted to know what it would take to get himself into an empowered state of certainty.

I found what he share so impactful, I've played around with the wording, to make it a blessing.....

Precious Soul

May you feel an overwhelming connection between mind, body and spirit.

May you take a deep breath and look up to an invisible force directly ahead and in the distance while at the same time lifting your shoulders and holding a posture of total certainty.

May you feel a tremendous sense of control, a strong belief that you can do whatever it takes to accomplish what needs to be done.

May you sense a channel of energy through your whole body and a total feeling of clarity.

May your thoughts and movements act as one and may you be guided by intuition and instinct rather than choice.

May you experience a sense of calm with the anticipation that you’re ready for anything and can react accordingly.

May your breathing be deep, controlled and purposeful.

May you feel a sense of satisfaction and pride in yourself, free of doubts, limitations and fear.

May you remind yourself that whatever the challenges that stand before you, you will win as you see a picture of yourself standing victorious.

May you fully inhabit your ability to control your reactions and interpretations.

May you continue to build an empowering model of the world that ensures you experience more fulfilment each day, regardless of the uncertainties and the winds of change that life brings.

So may it be! 🙏Timeless love 🩷

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ps. I also recorded myself reading this. Something about it so resonates, and I'm enjoying using it as part of my morning routine, listening to it, either when I wake up, or before a few minutes of meditation. You may also find it valuable to have this as an audio blessing you can listen to😉

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