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1 min readJun 13, 2024

Being OK with you not being OK with what I believe….

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'They were each OK with the other not being OK with what they believed'.

Sounds like a bit of a tongue twister and mind twister right? 😉

When Peter Sage was asked by Brian from London Real what the biggest lesson he learned from his parents was, he shared how his mom was a devout religious woman. Very involved in her church community. While his dad was an atheist. Yet they made allowance for one another. Focusing on building something greater, a family, beyond certain specific areas of dissonance and disagreement.

They were each OK with the other not being OK with what they believed.

Wow! Love this. How it's possible to work together and find ways to building productive fulfilling empowering outcomes, when we focus on finding common ground, shared values and interests from a larger perspective. Then we can still produce incredible results together while still holding 180 degrees opposing views in other areas.

May we take inspiration from those demonstrating this way of living and being in the world.

So may it be 🙏Timeless love 💚

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