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Loren Mielke
3 min readSep 18, 2017

NVC Challenge: Episode 12 (55–60 minutes)

Continued from Episode 11.


How, in intimate relationships, NVC supports our us in getting our need for love met.

Session 6: AUTHORITY

How we experience and exercise authority in the various roles we find ourselves, discovering it’s possible to exercise authority as an offer of nurturing as opposed to a means of control.


How we can contribute to emotional healing, our own and others:

  • By connecting empathically and expressing ourselves honestly;
  • By mediating between other people’s conflicts, either by formal invitation, or simply by being present at the time the conflicts erupts and being able to offer mediation skills without others even being aware that this is what we are doing;
  • By assisting in reconciling groups in pain with each other, be they families, work environments or even warring countries.


How to affect transformation and influence behaviours when there are groups involved, be they governments, gangs, corporations, etc.


The sad reality is that the world often makes it challenging to live compassionately, so we need to know how to keep the NVC consciousness alive and thriving. We will learn how important celebration and gratitude in giving us the energy to sustain compassionate living.

What do those who have studied NVC say?

Usually two things:

‘It’s so SIMPLE!’

WHY? Because NVC helps us align with our natural way of being, by supporting us in staying connected to life within us and around us. It comes down to focusing on two simple questions,

  1. What’s alive in us and others?
  2. What would make life more wonderful for us and others?

‘It’s so DIFFICULT!’

WHY? Because the education we have been receiving for centuries has been designed to disconnect us from life. We need to liberate ourselves from this in order to live more fully.

Personal insights from Loren: Following yesterday and today’s elaboration on what’s coming up, I am SO EXCITED! Especially since it all seems so very practical!

To be continued here Episode 13.

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