From ‘your thinking mind to your feeling heart’…

So today’s blessing’s a little different.

A friend forwarded me a delicious closed-eye heart-breathing-gratitude centred practice from Gregg Braden, that has been scientifically documented to set in motion a cascade of wonderful things, physiologically, for hours after just doing it for 3 minutes!

I love this picture for…

… its stillness and the intensity of presence it evokes in me, its mesmerizing quality, and invitation to touch a place beyond words. I love the lighting, the colours, the expansiveness…. How about you?

Precious heart,

May you dedicate time daily to shifting your awareness from outside to inside,
To moving from your ‘thinking mind to your feeling heart’,
To slowing down, to being deeply present,
To witnessing and appreciating,
To breathing, slower…deeper…with longer exhales…
To breathing from your heart,
To feeling and breathing gratitude,
Without judgement,
Without expectation.

And the practice?

1. Sit, spine straight, close your eyes.
2. To help move your awareness from outside to inside, from your ‘thinking mind’ to your ‘feeling heart’, touch your heart (with a finger, 2 fingers, an open palm) and focus your attention where you feel this touch.
3. Slow your breathing, longer exhales, for example, breath in for 5 counts, out for 8 counts (this communicates ‘you’re safe’ to your vagus nerve).
4. Imagine you’re inhaling and exhaling through your heart.
5. Connect to things you are grateful for, really connect to FEELING gratitude, as if you’re breathing gratitude.

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Loren Mielke

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