How could I smell her cologne?

We were countries apart!

What a magical experience!

I currently tutor second language English students online. The sessions are one-on-one video calls. This past week, in the midst of a lesson, a student reached for an elegant bottle, opened it, turned it upside down to pour something into the palm of her hand, closed the bottle and then made the handle motion someone does when rubbing in hand cream.

All the while we were reviewing a sentence correction.

The craziest thing was that as she tipped the bottle into her one palm, and was rubbing whatever it was into her hands, I got the most distinct whiff of a beautiful floral fragrance. I pretty much sit in the same spot whenever I teach, with the window open. And I had never before, never ever, smelled that fragrance!

I just had to ask my student what that was? Could it have been a gorgeously fragrant hand cream? Had I somehow magically connected to the moment in a way that transcended the traditional space-time model and constraints? Was it possible I had a quantum experience? One from a place where the Newtonian science laws are turned on their heads completely?

What was that bottle?! I asked my student.

At first, she was not sure what I was referring to and volunteered a glass water bottle.

No, not that one!

She then showed me ‘the bottle’. YES! That was it!

She shared that it was a bottle of her favourite cologne. Not a hand lotion, but a cologne. Jasmine scented!

Photo by David Brooke Martin on Unsplash

OMG! I was blown away. I was in awe.

I felt like G-d, Source, Spirit, has pierced through the illusion of this world to remind me to be open to magic, to the seemingly impossible, to the power of smiles, joy, unexpected surprises and to be deeply present to the moments.

You know the Paul Young song, ‘Love is in the air, everywhere I look around.’

On a deep soul level, I do believe ‘Magic is in the air, everywhere we look around!’

When I say magic, I don’t mean cleverly crafted illusions. I mean real magic! The stuff that takes our breath away. Moments that transcend time. A feeling of such sheer and absolute awe. A timeless bliss and joy beyond words. A deep sense of the perfection of it all. A satiating gratitude. A peace.

I do believe that every moment of life is bursting with this magic. Yet somehow I know I get distracted by so much of the superficial, time and space ‘stuff’, that I’m oblivious to it most of the time. The unfathomable magic.

Like the magic that makes every moment of my experiencing life possible. The most extraordinary complex collaborations taking place between the billions and trillions of cells in my body alone. Every breath, every heartbeat, with such grace and ease!

That’s exactly why I love celebrating moments like these! Precisely because they gift me an experience of touching that place.

Awakening. Remembering. Reconnecting.

Thank you magical moments! I honour and celebrate you!

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