May you be blessed to experience the human-pet sacred bond and friendship.

Loren Mielke
3 min readMar 9, 2022

A blessing, a wish, from my heart to yours.

Image found on Pinterest.

(Image found on Pinterest)

OMG! How insanely precious is this picture!?

Just check out the doggo! The paws outstretched, the frown lines. It’s as if he’s utterly engrossed in the comic, as much as his human companion, maybe even more!

If ever there was an embodiment of the words, “tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’’ (Alfred Lord Tennyson), I’d say committing to parenting a pet qualifies.

I’ve met people who say they think their friends are too attached to their pets…. perhaps this opinion comes from never having had a pet, or perhaps never fully opening their hearts to the relationship….

Because in most cases, in terms of traditional pets, like a cat or a dog, when a human decides to provide a loving home for a pet, they know, even if they’re not consciously focusing on it, that they’re stepping into opening their hearts, with the very high probability that they’re going to be bidding their pet farewell one day, and not the other round….


And yet so many, many people still embark on this journey….

Precious Heart,

In your lifetime may you be blessed to experience the sacred bond and friendship that exists between a human and a pet.

May you be brave and courageously keep your heart wide open, to be moved and touched by the fullest range of contrasting shades.
May they envelop and saturate you, yet may you remain grounded and centred so they don’t consume you, but rather that you allow them to flow and move through you.

May you be open to this beautiful and poignant reminder of the extraordinary value of the journey that you get to travel together,
of the memories, you get to make together,
of the experiences and moments, you to share,
of the love and laughter, you get to express and receive,

And in the heavier times, through the more sombre tracks, may you connect to the incredible beauty within that pain,

May you know that the width and depth of the sorrow is a direct and magnificent celebration and testament to the width and depth of the love you shared and experienced.

And when the time comes to journey through grief, may you carry this awareness, even unconsciously and may it wrap its loving tender arms around, and hold you.

May the beauty and blessing of the ENTIRETY of the journey be like a soothing balm to a grieving broken heart…..

And may the experience remind you of the power of being deeply present to each moment, without clinging or resisting
May it inspire you to be with the joys and frustrations of the journey shared, without resisting or clinging,
And to be with, holding sacred space for the grief too, without resisting or clinging.

So may it be.
Much love always.

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Blessing backstory:⁠
A while ago I decided to find uplifting images, ones that made me smile and lifted my spirit. And to send them together with a blessing, a personal wish, to my immediate family. Over time it’s become a ‘daily-ish’ morning practice via WhatsApp to a slowly growing recipient list. Recently I’ve started to share these blessings and images on social media too, with a prayer that they brighten the world of those who receive them.

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