May you be like, 'OMG! Pretty incredible time to be alive!'

Loren Mielke
2 min readDec 4, 2022

A blessing, a wish, from my heart to yours.

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Precious Soul

May you be like, 'OMG! I live in a day and age where I can call a love one on the other side of the planet and instantly have a quality video chat with them on my smartphone for the same price as a local whatsapp call.

I can turn a tap, and out pours safe instantly usable water and I can vary the temperature and pressure!

I have an appliance in my kitchen that helps preserve and keep my food fresh for longer by keeping it perfectly chilled with a section that can even keep items frozen!

And if I need anything, clothes, utensils, devices... I can head to a store and 'voila!' all already made and ready for me to simply purchase!

May you be like, 'Seriously! OMG! Pretty incredible time to be alive!'

So may it be 🙏
Timeless love 💚

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Blessing backstory:⁠
A while ago I decided to find uplifting images, ones that made me smile and lifted my spirit. And to send them together with a blessing, a personal wish, to my immediate family. Over time it’s become a ‘daily-ish’ morning practice via WhatsApp to a slowly growing recipient list. Recently I’ve started to share these blessings and images on social media too, with a prayer that they brighten the world of those who receive them.

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