May you be open to the power of a fresh perspective.

A blessing, a wish, from my heart to yours.

Image found on Pinterest.

Hey, check out this one — the image changes when you flip the screen. I’ve seen quite a few where it’s 2 different faces. I enjoyed this creativity and personally always love reminders of the power of a different point of view…😉

And speaking about seeing things differently. I thought this was super cool and it got my heart smiling! A chair from an upcycled shopping trolley!

Trolley available on domozoom.

Precious heart,

Here’s to upcycling and repurposing!
Here’s to creative ways of breathing new life into items that may have ‘past their prime’.
Here’s to keeping things in use, good practical use, instead of piled on a landfill somewhere.
Here’s the value of such items being celebrated and prized.


May you be open to new points of view,
to the power of a fresh perspective,
of seeing things differently….

What if it’s less about seeing ‘new’ things,
….but seeing what’s always been there
…with ‘new’ eyes…?

So may it be. 🙏
Much love always.💚

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(Image found on Pinterest.)



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