May you dedicate time to connect to the processes your body is taking care of for you.

A blessing, a wish, from my heart to yours.

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Yesterday a student shared…

It was a story about a family member who passed away from ALS. It’s the nervous system disease that leads to progressive loss of muscle control, while the person still has a perfectly functional brain. Shew…an intense life experience to imagine journeying…

This reminded me of the book and movie, The Diving Bell and The Buttterfly.

I couldn’t remember the exact details. I did remember being referred to both years ago, and the story being about a man who also experienced having a fully active brain within a body that was no longer responsive.

I followed up on this thread….

The man was Jean-Dominique Bauby. He had been editor-in-chief of French Elle. In 1995, at the age of 44 he had a rare stroke and awoke to be diagnosed with ‘locked-in syndrome’. His body was unresponsive, his only means of communication via the blinking of his left eye.

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly is the book he dictated by blinking to select the letters for each word at a time, as they were read out to him.

I got the strong sense that the conversation with yesterday’s students, was like breadcrumbs, clues, leading me to this book once again…it’s time…time to read it.

I started yesterday.

The chapters are short. Poetic. Heart wrenching and hilarious. In the chapter called ‘Prayer’ he speaks about how little is known of this syndrome, and what sorts of improvements could be anticipated if his nervous system, one day, decided to start working again.

This line touched a little deeper, ‘for now, I would be the happiest of men if I could just swallow the overflow of saliva endlessly flooding my mouth.


Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever given a second thought to my body’s incredible ability to swallow, so effortlessly, consistently, without reminder, thanklessly…..again and again, every few seconds….I have never said thank you…for this and so many, MANY other miraculous processors that are so seamlessly, exquisitely, taken care of for me, from one moment to the next….

Precious heart,

May you dedicate time to connect to the processes your body is taking care of for you, diligently, consistently, from one moment to the next.

May you connect to one thing you are doing, right here, right now….
Scratching an itch,

May you grow your ‘appreciation-for-things-taken-for-granted’ muscle,
May you diligently practice and train it,
May you heighten its awareness,
May you build its strength.

May you expand your capacity to recognise and appreciate the abundance being gifted from one moment to the next.

Each breath,
Each blink,
Each step,
Each scent,
Each sound…

And the insane number of instantaneous collaborations taking place, on an organ, cellular, organelle and atomic level, to make each of these possible, taking place so humbly, so consistently, without reminder, without recognition.

It’s no wonder they’re so easily taken for granted….they aren’t out there drawing attention to all they’re doing, they’re not seeking praise and recognition.

May you be open to receiving the gift of their delivery, as well as their ‘failure’ to perform optimally.

So may it be. 🙏
Much love always.💚

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Blessing backstory:⁠
A while ago I decided to find uplifting images, ones that made me smile and lifted my spirit. And to send them together with a blessing, a personal wish, to my immediate family. Over time it’s become a ‘daily-ish’ morning practice via WhatsApp to a slowly growing recipient list. Recently I’ve started to share these blessings and images on social media too, with a prayer that they brighten the world of those who receive them.

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