May you embrace the swing of Life, the flying and falling.

Loren Mielke
2 min readFeb 28, 2022

A blessing, a wish, from my heart to yours.

Found on Pinterest.


I just L😍VE the expression of sheer delight on the kid’s face front and centre of this massive swing! And that this swing is designed to be enjoyed and shared by many, especially when most park swings are single-seat, which is also awesome👍!

Here, although every person on the swing has a different position, an individual experience and point of view, there are also elements shared.

Precious soul,

May you embrace the swing of Life,
the back and forth,
the consistency and variation,
the excitement and calm,
the flying and falling.

May you continually pursue that balance of holding on and letting go,
of differentiating between what to hold on to and what to let go of.

May you lean into the moments of stillness at the height of each swing, that moment just before the direction changes,
May you lean into the pace as it picks up on route to the other side.

May you screech with delight,
May you make friends with all the weird and wonderful feelings too, the mix of unpleasant, pleasant, butterflies and tummy dropping.

And may you celebrate the opportunity of your distinct position, while knowing that there are many sharing the swing of Life with you! So although you swing, you don’t swing alone. 🙌

So may it be⁠
Much love always.⁠
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Blessing backstory:⁠
A while ago I decided to find uplifting images, ones that made me smile and lifted my spirit. And to send them together with a blessing, a personal wish, to my immediate family. Over time it’s become a ‘daily-ish’ morning practice via WhatsApp to a slowly growing recipient list. Recently I’ve started to share these blessings and images on social media too, with a prayer that they brighten the world of those who receive them.

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