May you live in a state of humble, appreciative awe!

Loren Mielke
2 min readNov 25, 2022


A blessing, a wish, from my heart to yours.

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Precious Soul,
May you live in a state of humble, appreciative awe…
For the times we live in, the technologies and amenities many of us have available every moment, from clean running water to flushing toilets, smartphones, homes, electricity and all that gifts us, to clothing, transportation, medical advancements, musical instruments, the internet, and … and … and….

May you live in a state of humble, appreciative awe…
for the abundant, generous creativity Life gifts us, so much beauty in her unfolding that doesn’t have to be, but IS!!!

Like the ripening of these blueberries, as they transition in colour from their pale off-white and their gorgeously blushing crowns to their vibrant pink en route to their final purple-blue fully ripened ‘I’m ready to be eaten and enjoyed’ colouring.

How incredible on so many levels!
The change in colours is so stunning, that we have the ability to perceive and experience it, as well as how the change in colour signals to us the journey to ripeness, for this plant, completely separate from us, that grows as an expression of Life, gifting us juicy, sweet, deliciousness that perfectly serves and fuels our bodies!



May you live in a state of humble, appreciative awe!

So may it be 🙏
Much love always 💙

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Blessing backstory:⁠
A while ago I decided to find uplifting images, ones that made me smile and lifted my spirit. And to send them together with a blessing, a personal wish, to my immediate family. Over time it’s become a ‘daily-ish’ morning practice via WhatsApp to a slowly growing recipient list. Recently I’ve started to share these blessings and images on social media too, with a prayer that they brighten the world of those who receive them.

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