Loren Mielke
May 31, 2024

The power of story and community to transform and heal…

The book cover.

Today’s blessing inspired by words shared at last night’s book launch event for 'THE IN-BETWEEN’. More details here....


Precious Soul
May we cocreate sacred spaces for the vulnerable sharing of one another's stories and may we experience the healing power of this practice.

May we celebrate our diversity for the additional flavours, nuances, textures, shades, flavours and exquisite variation it adds and the expansion it invites.

May we embrace the value of community and coming together to work on projects beyond ourselves and witness the transformation, growth and contribution these gifts.

So may it be 🙏 Timeless love 💚

Have you had personal experience with the power of story? Or celebrating our diversity or working on a project bigger that yourseld? Would so love to hear your share🫶

Loren Mielke

Passionate about living consciously, connecting and contributing meaningfully