Loren Mielke
1 min readJun 9, 2024

What I learned when my friend’s flight got delayed…

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Today's blessing follows the thread of interconnectedness....

This time it was a friend's expressed frustration at her delayed international flight and our short text conversation which followed that sparked a domino of delightful personal takeaways.

More context here.... 😉

Precious Soul
May we rewire our default responses when things don't go as we'd like them too.

May we express gratitude to these circumstances, seeing them for the flashlights they are, shining light on blocked stored emotions that are longing to be felt, witnessed and released....

And may we embrace the power we have to choose the meaning we assign to these unexpected turns...we can choose to see them as the worst, most horribly inconvenient things ever!! ..... Or.... We can choose to believe that they're for our highest good in ways beyond our wildest dreams.

So may it be 🙏 Timeless love 💚

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